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PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT care about your privacy and the appropriate use of any data we collect from your visit to our web site.

This Privacy Policy Statement sets out to explain what data we collect and what we do with that data.  Should you have any concerns regarding your privacy relating to this web site, please contact Personal Transformation Ltd.

Telephone: +44 (0)1732 462 444

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Address: P.O. Box 132, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 3WU


General     Basic site operation and data collection
Cookies     What they are and why we use them
Members     Data management regarding individuals who have subscribed to services and programmes
Users     Data management of information collected from individuals responding to marketing campaigns


Personal Data:
Other than individual 'end-user to reseller' lead allocation, Personal Transformation do not share or distribute your personal data with any third-party organisations.

Web Monitoring:
When you visit our site we automatically record information about which pages you visit.  This data is collected anonymously, that is to say that we cannot determine any personal information, simply statistical information about your 'click' actions and site navigation.

This data is automatically generated by the web server and is used to help us monitor and develop the efficiency of our web site.

This mechanism is also used to help identify any potential technical problems with the web site, e.g. missing page links.


Cookies are small pieces of data that are sent to, and retrieved from, your web browser.  Your web browser is designed to provide this interaction seamlessly and cookies sent by our web server are completely harmless.

We use cookies to manage your 'session state', that is to say the interaction between you and the web site.  For example, when you 'log in', a cookie is created and posted to your browser.  As you navigate around the site, the server checks the cookie in order to customise the presentation of the pages you visit.

Cookies are automatically expired at the end of the session (when you log off or leave the web site).

Members must enable their browsers to accept cookies from the web site as they are used as a fundamental part of the site's security and navigation mechanisms.  See your browser's security Help for information on how you can enable cookies for general, or even site-specific, support.


Members are visitors to our site who have voluntarily chosen to subscribe for additional services.  When you register for such a subscription service, you are asked to complete an on-line form that requests such personal information as your name, address, email, telephone etc.  Upon submission, this data is stored securely on our servers.

Once logged in, a Member may review and update their registration details and other data to ensure accuracy and compliancy with their preferences.  Members may also use the on-line facilities to unsubscribe/deactivate their membership account.

Membership data is only accessible to the user and authorised Personal Transformation personnel responsible for administering the service.  This data is not made available to a third-party.

Should you experience any difficulty managing your personal/preference data, please contact Personal Transformation Ltd.


An end-user is an individual who has responded to and/or communicated with Personal Transformation in response to a marketing event or product enquiry.

Independent of the response mechanism used, Personal Transformation will record enquiry information including the enquirer's name, company name, address, telephone and email.  This data will be securely stored on our servers.

Each enquiry is then electronically transmitted, via email, to an appropriate registered Personal Transformation reseller who will contact the end-user with a view to servicing their enquiry.

End-user data is only accessible to authorised Personal Transformation personnel and to the reseller organisation to which the enquiry has been allocated.

Should an end-user have any concerns regarding the use/security of their data they should contact Personal Transformation Ltd.



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